4/10(fri) - 5/13(wed): 書仔活動 / ZINE SCENE 2015 in Tokyo

書仔活動 / ZINE SCENE 2015 in Tokyo

2015年4月10日(金) - 5月10日(日) 5月13日(水)【好評につき延長!】

3月に香港のギャラリー ODD ONE OUTにて開催された
zineの”祭典” 書仔活動 / ZINE SCENE 2015
Odd One Out とリソプリントスタジオの ink cha chaの協力のもと


:::: 書仔活動 / ZINE SCENE 2015 ::::
イラストレーターとアーティストの祭典 ”zine scene 2015” では、国内外の40人以上のアーティストの多様かつ膨大なzineを展示販売します。

A celebration of the talent of illustrators and artists, Zine Scene 2015 is exhibiting and selling a vast collection of different 'Zines' from over 40 local and international artists.
What's a Zine? A Zine is most commonly a small circulation self-published book of original work. Without the costs and restricting limitations of traditional press and magazines,
Zines are a true expression of creativity produced for the artist and their audience. What creators and readers of Zines alike love is the infinite possibilities which has lead to a huge cult following for this medium.

Artists :
Chie Miyazaki(CHIECHIHIRO) / OKATAOKA / Keiko Omama / Kyoko Imazu / Nanae Kawahara
Kylie Chan / Vita Mak / Brain Rental / Laura Griffins / Mark Goss / Tobais Gutmann
Don Mak / Wong Sze Chit / Anna Gleeson / Candy Ng / Charlene Man
Dirty Paper / Emilie Sarnel / Evah Fan / Kaliz Lee / Katol / Lazy Burger
Pearl Law / Kristopher Ho / Onion Peterman
Frederick CK Tam / Camilla Frankl- Slater / Caroline Ong Seng / Tahlia Chole and more!?

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